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"The problem remains. You will not understand me. You will not get me. I do not subject myself for your sake. I do not lay pieces of my mind on the table for your interpretation, pleasure, inclination or aspiration. I do this for the sake of my mind, the sake of my wit. For the sake of my well being. I do this because I have to. I do this because I found a little piece of confidence deep down, tucked inside the hollow hallway of my brain. The bottomless seas of my fluid being will one day dry up. The fertility of this seed will no longer be fertile. For the soul reasoning why we age. We grow older not based off the wrinkles of our skin, but based off of the slow disappearance of our vital forces. Do not lose track, for those forces they will vanish, quick as vapor. Our luck will run out. Its time to fend for ourselves and not pray for the best but make sure of it happening. I do not know entirely what I am talking about. I do not know entirely what the message is I am trying to relay, or if there is even a message at all. But, I know it needs me to say it, in one form or another. One sentence or five. Three pages or four. I'm out through this door with no time to explore. I am jumping off this cliff with no landing in sight. I am taking this flight with pure intentions to unfold. As my thoughts unroll I am quick to dispose. I am quick to hate and take too long to trust. My fortitude is cold but my eyes are wide, gazing and turning upon this world so vividly trying to hide. So mindless and empty. What am I saying, and where am I going? Who is listening and who is knowing? Who are you who is controlling my trial to be told? My evidence is not yours to hold. My thoughts are not yours to steal. My senses are not yours to hear. To smell, touch, or see. What I do will never be as you do. What I wear will never look as it does on you. Where I go will be different from where you are and where you are doomed, ordained, or destined. You can't be me and I can't be you. I won't be you. I will never be you. Ultimately you fail. You fail yourself and the personification of who you are. Every time you buy into the trends, the fads, the mags, and T.V.'s, celebrities, and DVD's, you fail. Completely and utterly. What you wear does not make you. What you say will not break you. Who you are with can not escape you. Where you go and what you see means more than the leather of your jacket, the hair to your head, the face to your name. All can be changed in one way or another. All will be changed whether you like it or not. Copy your own cat. BE YOUR OWN PERSON BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS TAKEN. "

Words from Kayley Ryan

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